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Business Strategies and Succession Planning

In order to have achieved your present level of success, your attention has been focused almost entirely on your enterprise, and so it should have been … that's the way it usually works. However, now it's time to re-examine your overall plan and address any oversights that could end up ruining all your hard work!

Have you considered:-

  • The transitioning of your firm to the next generation, or possibly to your key employees?
  • How you will fund your unanimous shareholder's agreement? When one of the following happens; death, disability, critical illness, retirement and the selling of a shareholders stake. Where will the money come from? What impact will that have on the firm, its employees, suppliers, remaining shareholders and the affected shareholders dependants?
  • The use of a family trust to creditor-protect your assets and maintain privacy?
  • Group RRSP and pension plans?
  • Group benefit programs?
  • How you will tax-efficiently remove the retained earnings from your corporation?