Telephone: (403) 244-7400

330 - 11th Avenue North East

Calgary, Alberta T2E 0Z1

Our Goals

Our main goal is to become the Steward of you and your family's wellbeing. We will identify your unique priorities and objectives in order to fully understand your needs and concerns. It is much more than examining cash flow and Net Worth statements. It is truly about exploring and discovering what is important to you using a very unique process called Values Based Financial Planning™ 

To us, financial planning is a lot more than figures; it's about dreams and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they are not only achievable, but sustainable.

Our Values

First and foremost we are in the trust business. We have a responsibility to put your needs first. We work hard to earn your trust and then nurture it by:

  • Offering honest, straightforward and independent advice
  • Complete independence and total accountability to you, our client
  • Assuring easy access not only to information, but to us
  • Full disclosure in all of our dealings
  • Tailoring our service to your specific requirements
  • Substantiating our recommendations, actions and these statements in writing
  • Creating an environment that will foster respect, honour, dignity and pride for our clients and team members