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Risk Management and Family Security

Risk Management is an important element of a comprehensive financial plan and knowing what you have and how you and your family are protected in the event of an accident, a life threatening or altering critical illness, death or when you require home or facility care, are all critical in safeguarding your goals. We don't know what may happen tomorrow and it's something that we don't like to think about, but if we are not prepared, then everything we have worked so hard to achieve may be lost. The Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education states, "Without insurance a financial plan is just a savings and investment program that dies with you."

Each stage in life has different Insurance requirements. The early years focus on ensuring our family is protected against the untimely death or disability of the major breadwinner. The middle - most productive earning years - focus on tax-exempt accumulation, wealth creation,  debt reduction and critical illness concerns. Later years focus on providing for extended care programs, so not to unexpectedly deplete your life savings or jeopardize your dignity. At this time it is also important to preserve your estate from the ravages of taxation. These are all integral components that are required in order to achieve peace of mind and live out your financial goals.