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Client's Expectation

What you should expect as our client

  • Customized unbiased service - We offer you independent advice, customized to your specific goals. This is achieved through an understanding of your financial and non-financial needs and the development of a reciprocal, long-term relationship based on trust.
  • Financial Road Map™Our relationship starts with creating a personalized Financial Road Map™ that helps our clients map out their true life goals while in alignment with their most important values.
  • Comprehensive service - We take on the role of Steward. In this role, we coordinate the activities of a team of subject matter experts that is based on an annual checklist of 143 deliverables checkpoints.
  • Long-term growth Within your risk tolerance – we establish your comfort level as an investor.  Operating within each client's risk profile, all investment portfolios are structured to achieve long-term growth without undue risk. As a result, everyone can sleep soundly at night.
  • Risk Management - Our life philosophy is to be cash rich and not insurance rich ;however, prudent use of insurance to minimize the risk to our client’s not achieving their goals is implemented.
  • Tax planning and minimization - This is a key component of each financial plan for most clients.  With the vast array of knowledge required to give prudent tax advice we make sure our clients receive what they need from a “best-in-class” subject matter expert.
  • Investment planning – Not only do we use customized portfolios you have access to the portfolio manager (Discretionary Money Manager)* who manages your money based on your goals.
  • Accessibility - Our entire team makes itself accessible to you.
  • Communication  - We want to be known as great listeners.  We strive to have clear communication by confirming what clients have to say and articulating in a clear manner what we have to say.

*Accessible to clients with a minimum investable assets of $1,000,000