Our mission is clear

We love what we do. We specialize in helping people accomplish all their life goals.

First, we clarify what their “true life goals” are using a very unique process called “Values-Based Financial Planning™.” 

Second, our team helps to implement a plan to accomplish those true life goals that require planning, time and money. 

Third, we have a mechanism that put’s our client’s financial house in perfect order.

We Innovate

Established in 1995, Networth Management has a long history as a leading Calgary financial planning firm. We speacilize in helping you achieve your “true-life goals,” based on a unique process of Values-Based Financial Planning™

Values-Based Financial Planning™

As a top financial planner based in Calgary, we offer Values-Based Financial Planning™ because we seek to know your personal values and goals. We strive to offer financial peace of mind by helping you both achieve and sustain your dreams and goals.

To us,

Values-Based Financial Planning™ means:

  • Honest and independent advising

  • Complete independence and total accountability

  • Easy access to information and your Calgary financial advisor

  • Full disclosure

  • Tailoring services to each client’s unique needs

  • Putting detailed recommendations in writing

  • Fostering an environment of respect, honor, dignity, and pride

Who We Are And
What We Are About

CFP, Financial Planner

Reagan Pflug

Networth Management has been a privately held boutique financial services firm since its inception in 1995. It is by design a small, independent and highly regarded comprehensive financial planning company serving a finite number of clients in a close client community.

No matter what happens in the world, market or economy our clients have the peace of mind of knowing that they are on track.  We give them the greatest probability of achieving all of their true life goals starting with a tool called a Financial Road Map™

What would your life be like if you had very little or no financial worry?  What if you had more clarity and control over your financial future?  If you were living the life you always wanted to live what kind of impact would that have on your physical health, your relationships, your career, and your spiritual health?

We would love to have a no-obligation conversation with you about your answers to the above questions.

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