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In order to have achieved your present level of success, your attention has been focused almost entirely on your enterprise, and so it should have been … that's the way it usually works. However, now it's time to re-examine your overall plan and address any oversights that could end up ruining all your hard work!

Have you considered:

  • The transitioning of your firm to the next generation, or possibly to your key employees?
  • How you will fund your unanimous shareholder's agreement? When one of the following happens; death, disability, critical illness, retirement and the selling of a shareholders stake. Where will the money come from? What impact will that have on the firm, its employees, suppliers, remaining shareholders and the affected shareholders dependants?
  • The use of a family trust to creditor-protect your assets and maintain privacy?
  • Group RRSP and pension plans?
  • Group benefit programs?
  • How you will tax-efficiently remove the retained earnings from your corporation?


If you would like to find out more, or to address your specific concerns in such areas as:

  • Succession strategies and options
  • Maximizing your future income
  • Looking after your family, business partners, shareholders and employees
  • Getting your retained earnings out of your corporation tax efficiently
  • Tax efficiently managing your retained earnings
  • Utilizing someone else's money to minimize the cost of managing your risk

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