We Build You a Financial Plan That Answers All Your Financial Questions,
and Others You Didn’t Even Know You Had

Running a small business can be exciting and stressful. As a business owner, you constantly have others looking to you for leadership and guidance. But when it comes to your financial plan, you may need some help of your own. Not having a strategic financial plan in place can create a lot of fear and anxiety about the future and prevent you from being able to set realistic expectations and make short term and long term plans.


We’re a Small Business Helping Other Small Businesses

We are a local family owned small business. We’ve gone through the process of creating a financial plan for ourselves and other small businesses for over 20 years.

We don’t offer generic cookie cutter plans, we create customized financial plans that serve your business and align with your personal financial goals. We know how difficult it is to run a business, and all the hard work that goes into it. We want to protect your investment and help you achieve your goals by evaluating the ways your business can serve you in the future. Our financial plans are designed to include:

  • A business exit strategy if your goal is to sell the business in the future
  • Efficient ways to draw money from your business
  • Alignment between your business financial goals and your personal financial goals
  • Contracts between you and your business partner(s) including buy/sell agreements
  • Proper insurance coverage and risk management
  • Cash flow analysis and budgeting
  • Debt management
  • Asset management
  • Projections and recommendations
  • Implementing the plan
  • Monitoring the plan

Small Business Have Trusted Us For Over 20 Years

It shouldn’t be so hard to find a financial advisor that takes your business as seriously as you do.

We have clients we’ve been working with for over 20 years because we put the same level of care into their business that we would into our own. To us, you’re not just another “small business account”.

You’re an ambitious, savvy entrepreneur with big dreams and we want to contribute to your success. We will create a personalized financial plan that serves you and your business, review it with you regularly, and adjust it as needed.

You can rest easy knowing that you have a plan in place and a trustworthy advisor on your side who is proactively working to help you achieve your goals.


Find a Trusted Advisor and Avoid Salespeople

Have you ever gone to the bank and felt like they were just trying to sign you up for more products? They treat you like a number and just try to take more of your money. It’s not their fault, that is what they are trained to do. They are looking out for the bank’s best interests.

A trusted advisor places what’s important to you first; before our own needs and certainly before the bank's! We want to listen and get to know you so we can serve your best interests.

We work with business owners throughout the entire business ownership lifecycle: from start up to exit.

Experience proves that it is never too soon to start planning for your exit. Even in the very earliest days of ownership, thinking towards the future has an immediate positive impact on your business today.

Download our Trusted Advisor vs Salesperson Guide



Have been with Network for 15 years so I think this length of time speaks for itself. Interested in you as a person and takes the time to learn how you want your investments to work for you. Like the fact that you can talk with a live person without having to listen to a series of questions and having to press buttons to eventually talk with someone.

Appreciate the time and work involved Networth puts in to preparing info and its presentation to you face to face. As a visual person I am able to understand how my investments are being handled and how they are working for me.

As noted previously 15 years with Networth speaks for itself.


I had not worked with any other financial advisors other than Reagan.

I have found Reagan to be very attentive to my needs and is able to arrange things to suit my needs. My overall experience has been very positive. Even though investment, financial matters aren't a big priority for me, Reagan has done a very good job of helping me see and understand my financial picture!

Pleasure working with you!

Mark & Gladys Verhelst

We have been benefiting from Networth’s guidance since 1996. We like that the service we receive is focused on more than just the amount of money that we have to invest. They helped us to understand and define the values that are important to us, and from these values identified the financial requirements required for us to sustain a life-style in retirement that aligns with the values. Once the financial requirements were known the right investment approach was then developed.

In our regular progress meetings we review how we are progressing towards our financial target, discuss if any of our values or goals have changed, review any changes in our lives that may impact our goal, and then together we discuss if any changes should be made to our investment approach.

John & Michelle Bergen

"We choose to work with Reagan and Networth because they are professional, thorough, and approachable.  If we have an idea they give good knowledgeable advice around the reasons it is good for us or not.  It is refreshing to deal with an organization that is honest, genuine, and has integrity. We never feel pressured as Reagan listens well before providing any advice."

D & L Phillips

"We like the stability provided by Reagan and the Networth Team. Over the years a great relationship has been created because of the level of knowledge, comfort and sense of humour that is present in our meetings together. We feel very comfortable being served by Networth Management."

Managing Your Money Doesn't Have To Be Complicated

We take great pride in seeing our clients spending their time and money doing the things they love. When you have a plan, you can make decisions confidently, knowing that you're living your life intentionally.