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Managing finances can end up on the back burner for many women. Knowledge is empowering whether that is for day-to-day finances, savings, retirement, or taxes.

Donna Stefans, president of Summit Tax Advisors and founder of Stefans Law Group, explained how women can be empowered to secure their financial future during the webinar “Invest in Yourself! A Financial Workshop for Women” hosted by Schneps Media, the parent company of the Long Island Press.

“People don’t plan to fail, we all want this great retirement … but they just fail to plan,” Stefans said.

Taking the time to understand how one’s financial situation can change due to life’s uncertainties can help women provide themselves with a safety net. The detailed female-focused discussion explained how to make a successful retirement checklist, starting from planning based on part-time or full-time work, first-time parenthood, divorce, health care costs, and much more.

Social security benefits, understanding the market, keeping up to date on changes to tax laws are all topics that Stefans lent her expertise to in this well-rounded presentation for women’s financial empowerment. The different types of market investment opportunities, as well as understanding the ups and downs of the market are all hugely important topics that play a huge part in retirement planning.

Tax season for 2021 was also covered in detail. All the proper forms to look for regarding insurance and Covid-19 and unemployment changes in New York.